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I am available for programs throughout Europe, North Africa and the UK either in person or by video conference and have a small team of specialised coaches available for larger projects.  Don’t hesitate to enquire further. 



Work through issues to give you awareness to take action to overcome obstacles and progress towards your ambitions  

Management & Team

Performance begins with identifying strengths.  You build from solid foundations and progress  towards clear goals through inspired insights. 


Using proven techniques, send your message in an inspiring and impactful shared experience. 


Executive & Stakeholder Presenting

An interactive, participative

program for experienced


Explores creative

individual solutions to generate exciting 

high-powered results.   

An entry-level interactive, program to generate speaker confidence and impact audiences. Overcome stress and find your voice.

Successful Presenting


A program for anyone who

 needs to represent themselves,

 their concept or business

compellingly  in 45 seconds. 

Perfect Pitch

Dynamic Meetings

In-house or externally: Master the agenda, pilot full member participation. Meet objectives, generate ideas and buy-in.

Set an action plan.

E-mail Efficiency

Crack the zero in-box, with less stress, more efficiency and productivity.

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